New Album

The debut album "Eerie Monsters“ was released on February 17, 2023.

Eerie Monsters


In the midst of pure grandeur

Hello, I am happy and proud to hold the All My Shadows CD in my hands. This CD - and this band - were a long cherished dream of mine, which finally became reality. Neither would have been possible without the support and commitment of many people,...

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Source: Peter HolleckerEnglish translation by: Jenifer Doerrich (Vanden Plas Fanclub) Question: Does a new collaboration between a guitarist and a singer from the same band always sound like their main band? Well, this is difficult to answer, but I think fans have no choice but to...

Review Eerie Monsters

Check out the review from HeadBangers LifeStyle:

New Merch

Our new items are available in the Vanden Plas Shop: Pre-order our first album "Eerie Monsters" (release February 17th) now and get some shirts and mugs. Shipping to USA and Canada is now 26€....