New Album

The debut album "Eerie Monsters“ was released on February 17, 2023.

Eerie Monsters

Franky R.


Franky R. is born and raised in Neunkirchen/Germany.
In his long carreer he played in several well-known bands like MSG or Shortino, just to name a few.
“I started playing guitar when I was 8 years old. At that time I used to be the biggest ALICE COOPER Fan in germany as I recall. Every year I couldn´t wait for carnival to come so I can put on his famous make up to feel like a big Rock Star. I had a real cool guitarteacher who played in famous local rockband called “Sunset Super Session” at that time. He introduced me to bands like “YES, King Krimson, Genesis, Jethro Tull” and many more.
So I became a big YES fan. Not because of the guitarplaying, it was Chris Squire the bassplayer from YES that caught my intension. His grunchy bass sound and his unique stil inspired me very much.
Two years later my teacher released me cause there was nothing left he could have teached me. This was the time when I got hooked on UFO with Michael Schenker on the guitar. When I first heard him playing I decided to be just like him. From there on I practiced every day, played along to all UFO songs and learned almost every lick and solos from Michael.
As soon I turned 18 and had my own car I joined my first band named “EMPIRE” where I played the solo guitar. We only played cover song from all kinds off bands which where in the charts at that time and of course my favorite UFO-songs. This band didn´t last too long because I got picked up by a band named “Lancelot”, which already had a record deal with EMI at that time. The only problem was…! they were looking for a bassplayer. That was the time when I made my decision to be a bassplayer”
His start into the professional music scene was made with his first band Lancelot. They released an albums and a very successful single (“But I just can’t stay behind”), played several tours ands supportet Queen in Germany.

Bands and Projects:
– MSG (Michael Schenker Group)
– Shortino
– Pendulum Of Fortune
– Juicy Lucy
– Lancelot

Live Highlights :
– Supporting Queen with his first band Lancelot in Front of 14.000 poeple at the sould-out Westfalenhalle in Dortmund/Germany
– 1995 – European tour with Shortino
– 2007 – World tour with MSG (Japan, Ukraine, USA, England/Irland)

Favorite bands:
Alter Bridge, Rammstein, Arch Enemy, Tremonti, Slipknot, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, Korn, Journey.


  • Sampler “Danger in Sky” LANCELOT – Bellaphon
  • 1982 – Single “Stop Man” LANCELOT – Leico
  • 1983 – Single & Album “But I just…“ LANCELOT – Atoll
  • 1984 – Single “Blinded” LANCELOT – Ariola
  • 1984 – Maxi “Pretty thing” LANCELOT – Ariola
  • 1984 – Single “Far Away” LANCELOT – Ariola
  • 1988 – Movie “Dr.Alien – Killer Machine ” LANCELOT – Paramount
  • 1991 – Album “Juicy Lucy” (US Release) JUICY LUCY – Jam
  • 1995 – Album “History” LANCELOT – Twilight
  • 1996 – Album “Non compos Mentis” LANCELOT – Scrap
  • 1997 – Album “It`s About Time” SHORTINO – High Gain – WW
  • 1997 – Album “It`s About Time” SHORTINO – Barenuckle – Japan
  • 1997 – Compilation “Love me till it hurts” SHORTINO – Barenuckle – Japan
  • 1999 – Album “Live” SHORTINO – High Gain – WW
  • 2000 – Album “Energie” – E-PIGS
  • 2001 – Album + Single “Allein” – E-PIGS
  • 2002 – Album “Neue Zeit” – E-PIGS
  • 2003 – Album “Live” – DREAMCATCHER – Bodo Schopf
  • 2003 – Album “Wunden” – HIGH FISH
  • 2004 – Album “ALIVE” – HIGH FISH
  • 2007 – Album “Toss the coin” – LANCELOT
  • 2010 – Album “Juicy Lucy” Rubicon – Japan
  • 2017 – Pendulum of Fortune – Searching for the God inside – inakustik
  • 2019 – Pendulum of Fortune – Return to Eden – El Puerto